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What Does a Lactation Consultant Do?

There are many mothers that want to breastfeed but have a difficult time doing so. This can be extremely frustrating, especially for new moms. Luckily, this isn’t something that you have to tackle on your own. Your pediatricians at Phoenix Pediatrics with two offices in Phoenix, AZ, and serving Scottsdale, AZ, can explain the importance of a lactation consultation and what a lactation consultant can do for you.

What Does a Lactation Consultant Do?

A lactation consultant can help assess any issues that you may be dealing with in the process of breastfeeding your baby. This could be issues with your baby latching or sucking or even just with the position that your baby is being held in. Your consultant will also gather information about you and your child’s health and how the pregnancy and delivery went. During a lactation consultation serving Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ, your consultant will just have you breastfeed, and they can start making adjustments from there.

You can ask any questions you may have during this consultation and voice any and all concerns. During the consultation, your consultant may make adjustments and reposition your baby as needed. Any instructions or information given to you will be written down and you’ll be able to call with any other concerns or issues that you may run into.

A lactation consultant can also give you further tools to help in your breastfeeding journey. This could be referring you to a breastfeeding support group so that you can talk to other mothers that are going through your same experience.

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Lactation isn’t as easy as it may seem and it’s important that you understand the tools that are available to you! Contact your pediatricians at Phoenix Pediatrics in Phoenix, AZ, and serving Scottsdale, AZ, to learn more about scheduling a lactation consultation. Call for more information and to schedule your consultation at (602) 971-5121 for the office in Desert Ridge and (602) 242-5121 for the office in Central Phoenix.

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