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When To See a Pediatrician

Your child's pediatrician is the healthcare professional who will be your greatest ally when caring for their physical and often mental health. You can visit your local Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ, pediatricians of Phoenix Pediatrics to address a wide variety of concerns, some of the most common reasons to visit them will be addressed below, but reach out directly if you'd like to learn more.


It can depend on your child's needs but an annual checkup is often what's recommended for most, this helps their doctor track your child's growth and development as well as make sure they are meeting their milestones as they age. Regular examinations can prevent many health issues and if there are concerns they can be treated promptly, which can improve the success of treatment.

Sports Physicals

School physicals are those recommended by schools to determine if your child is healthy enough to take part in sports. Although these are very important they do not take the place of regular checkups with their pediatrician.

Sick Visits

When your child is sick you want to have prompt access to their pediatrician, these are the types of visits that require a level of urgency but are not emergencies. Such as when your child is feeling sick enough to not be able to attend school. The biggest difference between these and regular checkups is that sick visits are scheduled to address a specific problem.


Vaccines can keep your child from complications of the disease they protect against, by teaching their immune system how to fight it if they eventually do encounter it. Your child's pediatrician can make sure they are on track with their immunization schedule along with seasonal vaccines.


During your child's first year they see their pediatrician more regularly than at any other age, with about six visits in total. The first visit takes place just days after your child is born, which is why many experts recommend that if you are pregnant, the best time to begin searching for a pediatrician is three months before the due date.

Pediatricians in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ

Whatever the reason, you can dial (602) 242-5121 if you would like to schedule a visit with your child's pediatrician in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ, with Phoenix Pediatrics.

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