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Ear Infections: Symptoms and Treatment Options

Be able to recognize when your little one is dealing with an ear infection.

An ear infection is one of the most common problems that children face. While an older child can vocalize that their ear hurts, a baby or infant cannot. That’s when you must turn to non-verbal cues such as tugging or pulling at the ear, fussiness and irritability, crying when lying down, or fluid draining from the ear. When you notice these symptoms, call our Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ, pediatricians for care.

What Are the Signs of an Ear Infection?

Here are some telltale signs that your child might be dealing with an ear infection,

  • Pulling or tugging at the ear
  • Fussiness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Crying when lying down or napping
  • Drainage coming from the ear
  • Your child doesn’t respond when you speak
  • Redness of the ear
  • Clumsiness or lack of balance
  • Fever at or over 100 F

When Should My Child See the Pediatrician for an Ear Infection?

It’s essential to bring your child in for care if,

  • They are crying in pain
  • No at-home treatment seems to quell the discomfort
  • Your child’s symptoms get worse
  • They have a fever over 101 degrees F.

When you call our office, we will be able to determine whether or not you need to come in right away or whether you should watch your child’s symptoms to see if they improve on their own. Healthy children who are two years old or older and are only dealing with mild symptoms may not need to come in at all; however, we recommend that you monitor them to ensure their symptoms aren’t worsening.

How Are Childhood Ear Infections Treated?

In most cases, an ear infection will go away all by itself. Of course, there are simple at-home solutions for managing pain and other symptoms until the infection subsides. For example, one way to alleviate pain is to use an over-the-counter painkiller like Advil or Tylenol, temporarily eliminating pain so they can sleep better. Just follow the instructions exactly as they are printed on the label. Of course, certain ear infections may require antibiotics, which our pediatricians can only prescribe.

No matter whether you are looking for a new pediatrician or you think your child is dealing with an ear infection, don’t hesitate to turn to the Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ, pediatricians at Phoenix Pediatrics. Call (602) 242-5121.

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