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Caring For Your Newborn

Whether or not you're expecting your first child, every baby is different and may require specific care from your pediatrician. Our team at Phoenix Pediatricians in Phoenix, AZ, understand that learning about newborn care can be overwhelming, which is why they have shared practical tips to feel confident as a parent!

Choosing A Pediatrician

Having a pediatrician established before your due date often provides a sense of relief—knowing that you have a crucial resource to answer any questions or to voice your concerns with, is a huge comfort.

Your initial visit with your newborn's pediatrician is essential to confirm that your baby is healthy and properly developing. This visit is also a great way to ask any questions you have about caring for your newborn.

Accepting Help From Others

It's no secret that caring for a newborn is a whirlwind, which is why your Phoenix, AZ, pediatricians encourage you to accept help from family or friends when they offer it. Whether it's to hold your baby, completing a household chore, or a trip to the grocery store, your loved ones are there to support you!

Maintaining Communication With Your Support System

Taking care of a newborn is exhausting, and will likely create tension between you and your partner. Though unintentional, it's important to maintain a healthy connection with your partner, especially since the pressure you feel is undoubtedly similar. Taking the time to share worries or frustrations will help the rewarding but tiresome experience.

Taking Care Of Yourself

Though at times it may seem impossible, remain diligent in taking care of yourself. Creating a schedule with your partner can promote healthy habits, whether it's for sleep or your diet. Sustaining the energy to care for your newborn doesn't have to be unattainable!

Providing newborn care comes with plenty of questions, and our team of pediatricians in Phoenix, AZ, are happy to answer any that you may have. Give Phoenix Pediatricians a call today, at one of our two convenient locations:

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