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Ear Infections in Children

Ear infections in babies and young children are relatively common. But what should you do if you suspect your child may have an ear infection? While most ear infections may be treated with lots of fluids, rest, and medication to reduce your child's fever and pain, it is important to contact your pediatrician to determine which steps are right for you and your child's unique situation. If you need a pediatrician in Phoenix, AZ, also serving Scottsdale, AZ, consider Phoenix Pediatrics.

What Causes Ear Infections?

An ear infection is a condition in which the air-filled pocket behind the eardrum, called the middle ear, becomes swollen and fills with fluid as a result of an infection. This infection frequently occurs after a cold or flu, but can also occur as a result of allergies, decreased fluid drainage, or bacterial build-up in the ears, causing pain and discomfort for both you and your child. No matter the cause, it is important to seek treatment from your pediatrician at the first sign of an ear infection so that your child can go back to being happy and pain-free!

Signs & Symptoms

Whether you have a baby or a small child, there are similar signs and symptoms of an ear infection that you can be on the lookout for. These can include your child pulling or tugging at their ear due to pain, reduced appetite due to GI upset, yellow or whitish fluid draining from the ear, or an unpleasant smell coming from their ear. Your child may not have all of these symptoms, but these are some of the more common signs of an ear infection. Fevers also commonly occur alongside an ear infection, which can be another warning sign to look out for as a parent.

Finding The Right Pediatrician

Ear infections are highly treatable in babies and children, but this requires help from your pediatrician to be sure you are taking the right steps to reduce your child's pain and risk for future infections. Phoenix Pediatrics, your pediatrician in Phoenix, AZ, serving Scottsdale, AZ, is here to help! With multiple office locations and friendly, knowledgeable staff, there has never been a better time to call Phoenix Pediatrics. Please, give us a call today at (602) 971-5121 for our Desert Ridge office or (602) 242-5121 for our Central Phoenix office.

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