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When To Seek Lactation Consultation: Signs You Might Need Professional Help

Breastfeeding is an amazing way to provide your little one with the nutrients they need. You get to bond with them, and it's inexpensive. However, sometimes, issues can arise along your journey, but that's not a reason to give up when you have Phoenix Pediatrics, serving Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ. We have multiple practitioners to schedule a lactation consultation with, and each is willing and able to assist, but here are some tips to help in the meantime.

Having Difficulty With Latching

For your baby to receive milk, they have to latch on properly. It's vital for the milk to enter their mouths and to stimulate milk production. 

We strongly advise you to contact us if your baby isn't latching on properly. Sometimes, it could be an issue with a tongue tie, a health condition, or even that your baby just hasn't figured out how to nurse. 

Luckily, the problems are often only a minor hurdle, and we can get you back to nursing properly. 

Having a Low Milk Supply

A low milk supply could mean that your baby isn't getting enough nutrition to grow and thrive. Therefore, if you think your supply is low, we urge you to reach out to us. 

We may be able to assist by teaching you certain techniques, recommending some lifestyle changes, or suggesting some natural herbs that can help, among other options. 

Oftentimes, this challenge is one you can overcome with the right resources. 

Suffering From Sore, Damaged, or Painful Nipples

When you initially start nursing, you may have sore nipples. It could also occur whenever your little one is teething, but as a general rule, breastfeeding isn't painful. 

Fortunately, we can make those sessions comfortable for you by making sure your little one is latching properly. We can also provide education and techniques to use to make nursing as comfortable as possible. And there are ointments and other remedies to ease any discomfort. 

Experiencing a Child Who Isn't Eating Enough

Throughout your baby's first year, they need a certain amount of milk daily to grow. For instance, during the newborn stage, expect them to nurse between eight and 12 times. As they get older, they'll nurse less, especially once you introduce solids. If at any time, you don't think your child is breastfeeding enough, reach out to us for a lactation consultation. 

Breastfeeding is natural, but sometimes, problems arise that you may need assistance to address. Fortunately, each pediatrician at Phoenix Pediatrics, serving Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ, can provide a lactation consultation and support, helpful tips, and other possible treatments to correct the situation. 

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